Become a Precinct Committeeperson

What is a Precinct Committee Person? 

Precinct Committee People (PCs) are the most grassroots-level building block of the Arizona Democratic Party. They are an important driving force behind registering voters, getting out the word on candidates, and helping Democrats understand the party’s structure, process, and platform. They are the people who go out, walk neighborhoods, and connect with and activate progressive Arizonans, talking to Independent, unaffiliated, and Democratic voters alike. Elections are won or lost in precincts and PCs are vital to ensure strong Democratic support for Democratic candidates and issues.

PCs are elected during the primary election and serve a two-year term. PCs can also be appointed. Any registered Democrat is eligible to be a PC in the precinct where they live as long as they are ready to fulfill the responsibilities of the role.

What are a PC’s responsibilities?

Your precinct is your neighborhood. You know the people, the schools, and the community centers. You have your hand on the pulse of the precinct; you understand the problems and the potential, you have a desire to improve your neighborhood. The primary role of the PCs is to work together with fellow PCs, to serve as the connection between the Democratic Party, the voters and our Democratic elected officials, and to represent your entire precinct within the Party.

Some of the duties of a PC include:

Who Are Our Precinct CommitteePersons? 

Become a Precinct Committee Person 

Precinct Committee Member Elections are held on even years with filing deadlines in the Spring. To run as an elected PC visit the county website for instructions on how to file those forms. Outside of those times we may appoint PCs to any vacant positions- to apply download and fill out the application below. You may submit your completed application to 

Precinct Committeeperson application.docx